September 14 - 16, 2018
@Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah
A Retreat for People to Learn Techniques to
Slow, Stop and Reverse the Acceleration of Time
A Retreat for People to Learn Techniques to 

Slow, Stop and Reverse the Acceleration of Time 
Sept. 14-16, Eden Utah

WHAT IS IT? (καιρός)
A highly curated group of adventurers, executives, athletes, scientists, thinkers, musicians and time-travelers will gather to drink from the garden hose of time. 

A 3-day, 2-night adventure, September 14-16, 2018, in Eden, Utah, where you will eat, drink, hike, bike, swim, climb, listen, talk, debate and learn alongside great and curious minds from all walks of life.  
Join Like Minds -
"Curated for Curiosity" 

An All Inclusive Immersive Experience...
Once in the mountains and lakes of Eden you can let go of all your cares: your lodging, food, drinks, transport and activities are all taken care of . . . so you can relax, feel the grass beneath your bare feet and let go of those responsibilities to unwind your internal clock.
Away From Your Daily Routine...
Up on the mountain expect the warmth of the sun during the days, amazing sunsets over the Great Salt Lake in the evenings, and cool clear nights with stars like jewels. With ample time to learn, reflect and make deep connections, time will slow down: laughter, smiles and new friends for life.
In High End Condos, Not Stuffy Hotels...
Your lodging will be in expansive condos with full kitchens and living rooms. You will be carefully placed into a condo with other time-travelers who can help create a life-changing experience.
Packed with Learning...
John K . Coyle has spent more than a decade studying the neuroscience and psychology of time: learn techniques e to slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time and and experience endless summers again. We've put on our "Design Thinking" hats to match key drivers of chronoception (time perception) with experiences and adventures that will leave a notch in your memory and take you back to the endless summers of childhood. Through lecture, discussion and unique experiences, hear, see, feel, taste, smell and move in a way that will warp time and reset your cognitive clocks - all against a backdrop of incredible beauty.
And Farm-to-Table Alfresco Food...
Througout the weekend you will be experiencing farm-to-table-style cuisine prepared by a chef brought in for the occasion. Creative, healthy and delicious, your meals will be served at a variety of beautiful mountain and pastoral settings, both inside and alfresco. 
Bookended With Music & Moving...
Morning movement options and evening special guest musicians will get you moving and grooving, the beating of your heart setting a tone for the day, then resonating into the rhythm of the night. 

Famed DJ Alex Cruz has described his true aim to make the world a better place by bringing depth, love, and joy through music to as many hearts as possible. You'll find that the palpable results of his artistry are undeniable, powerful, and universal.

Russian-born Chicago-based cellist and composerIan Maksin will stir your soul. Ian has gained international recognition for his beautiful tone, his own unique innovative style of playing the instrument and for taking the cello well outside its conventional role.
Registration includes content, materials, lodging, meals, beverages, entertainment, adventures and experiences.

Guests stay in beautiful lodge homes (on September 14 and 15)  with shared living space and kitchens.

Event costs are based on Room Types.

Will your work pay for it? Click here for business justification letter.
Option 1: Shared Room (bring a friend!)
You and a fellow guest will share a room in a beautiful lodge home complete with a kitchen, living room and large shared spaces. Shared bedroom requests will be taken into strong consideration but not guaranteed.  
Shared room: $1797

Option 2: Solo Room
A private bedroom to yourself in a beautiful lodge home complete with a kitchen, living room and large shared spaces. Shared home requests taken into strong consideration but not guaranteed.
Solo room: $2147

Option 3: Master Solo Room
Private master bedroom with en-suite bathroom in a beautiful lodge home complete with a kitchen, living room and large shared spaces. Shared home requests taken into strong consideration but not guaranteed. 
Master Solo Room : $2597

Meet Your Time - Expansion Tour Guide
John K. Coyle (the Time Guy)
John K. Coyle is one of the world's leading experts in Design Thinking and "chronoception" - how we as humans experience time. John is a highly sought-after keynote speaker traveling the world speaking to tens of thousands each year. John is an Olympic silver medalist, Stanford grad, Kellogg MBA, NBC Sports analyst, author, 2X TEDx speaker and professor of innovation.

John is known as "the Time Guy" due to his extensive research into time perception (chronoception.) John's obsession with time started early - spending decades going counterclockwise while competing in sports where 100th's of a second determined victors from the also-rans. John's life passion is to help people slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time and live endless summers again. 

John is an explorer and adventurer who grows Trinidad moruga scorpion peppers as a hobby...
“John Coyle exceeded all expectations at the ACETECH Whistler Summit. His powerful message about slowing the acceleration of time by designing a life with more meaning and memories really resonated with this exclusive audience of 120 technology CEOs. He challenged them to think differently about their lives from a perspective they could all relate to.”

- Kathy Troupe                       
ACETECH, Executive Director

Please fill out the form below to apply to attend the
Time Expansion Summit: Designing Endless Summers

Spaces are limited and we are seeking diversity of experience in curating the attendees. Once you are approved, you will receive a link for registration and payment.

Just watched your talk and loved it!! We are definitely of the same breed... my god... to STOP TIME is my daily bread... its what i live for...

- Jason Silva                                
Emmy Nominated Host of "Brain Games"
John K. Coyle's TEDxNaperville speech changed my life! - 

- Omar Sandoval
Director of IT
"John is a charismatic and inspiring speaker, with an original point of view. Highly recommended."'

- Neil Stevenson                                
Executive Portfolio Director at IDEO
"John is more than just a dynamic and memorable speaker. He will leave you with thoughts, tips and techniques that genuinely will change the way you live your life; giving you the ability to appreciate the moments of life that matter the most. John's ability to share his unique life experiences but yet relate to his audience is what makes him so special."
- Nik Nielsen
Cedar Rapids, IA
"(John) a world-class individual who engages his audience immediately with science, logic, real-life experience, artistic imagery and sharp wit. His style and message motivates his audience to think in different ways resulting in innovation, effective time-management, and higher life-satisfaction.”

- William E. Baxendale   
Development Product Owner (Agile)
"Wow! When you book John Coyle as a speaker you get so much more... I was impressed with his ability to weave emotional storytelling in with practical advice that was applicable to everyone in the audience (even the spouses that attended). He takes the audience along on his life journey, sharing the good, bad and the ugly. His willingness to be transparent and REAL makes him easy to relate to (even if he is an Olympic athlete)."

- Jennifer Daniel
Vice President
Premier Technology Partnerships at Aflac
“John brings a unique point of view from his extreme life experiences and delivers a relatable and inspiring talk. If you get the chance, meet this guy. You'll be happy you did.”

- Brooke Glynn
Chicago, IL

"The talk was filled with great advice you can actually incorporate into your own life, no matter what your profession, and a touching story at the end that proves he’s not just a great speaker with an interesting story, he’s a real (and approachable) compassionate person who believes what he’s talking about, lives it, and enthusiastically shares his story."

- Pam Malloy                          
Pam Malloy Creative Design

"To say that John is intellectually creative, personally engaging, and a gifted communicator would only understate the case. He's an unusually high bandwidth individual, who's thought processes extend well beyond any boundaries presented, who's written communication skills are unusually high, and who's speaking and presentation capabilities are atypically charismatic."

    - Elliot Rawls
Senior Director
"John wows the crowd every time with his captivating content and his passionate approach. I can't recommend John enough for any organization looking to take their strengths focus or appreciation of time to the next level. John is a pioneer and an inspiration!"
- David Kalman
Toledo, OH
"John Coyle speaks of about a universal topic: how we use our time. In his presentations, John calls individuals to action in their lives. He draws the audience in with engaging storytelling, factual analysis of the human experience, and a rhythm of speaking that engages, soothes and inspires."

    - Dina Rubakha
Academic Program Manager
Rush University
“John’s remarks turn conventional thinking on its head and push listeners to get outside of their comfort zone. John's focus on strengths & weaknesses, human resiliency, and the malleability of time challenged our audience in exciting ways that still have them talking.”

- Andrew Morf                          
CEO Acumen Benefit Advisors
What is the Weekend's Itinerary? (χρόνος - chronos)
The weekend will feature a non-linear take on time, however you can use the information below to book your travel:
Early arrivals: For those interested in arriving early and seeking lodging in Eden, please call or email and we can help arrange.
Formal activities will officially kick off in Eden, Utah on Friday, September 14th at 4:00 p.m. with an orientation at 4:30, and a bus ride up the mountain at 5:00 p.m. MDT sharp. You can check-in at the Valley Lodge anytime after NOON that day, but be ready to head up the mountain by 5:00 p.m.
Agenda: we are keeping the specific agenda details under wraps. Surprise, novelty, beauty, flow, intensity, peacefulness, reflection, down-time, conversation, music, food and drink will all be designed into your experience. (If you feel very uncomfortable with not knowing the details, let us know - we can share specifics as needed.) Otherwise, go with the flow!
Departures: The event will wrap up at 2:30 p.m. MDT on Sunday, September 16.
What Should I Book my Flights For?
We recommend flying into the SLC airport before 2:00 p.m. on Friday September 14th. We recommend renting a car for the beautiful one-hour drive up to Eden. A number of guests will come earlier as there is a lot to do and see in the area.  
You should plan on flying out no earlier than 5:00 pm on Sunday, September 16th. The event ends at 2:30 p.m., and it takes about 1 hour to get back to the airport.
Some folks choose will choose to stay an extra night in Eden or book a hotel in Salt Lake City for the night of Sunday, September 16th and fly out Monday morning.
What If I Want to Come Early or Stay Late?
Lodging is covered from Friday, September 14th to Sunday, September 16th. If you want to arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two late on the mountain, please contact Monica Goebel ( or 262.903.9270) to help you coordinate. There are limited rooms available for those wishing to extend their time in Eden. 
Do I Need a Rental Car?
We recommend that you rent a car at the SLC Airport. Once you arrive at Powder Mountain in Eden, we’ll have transportation covered to and from the different locations. Some folks, however, find they like to have their own car as transportation options on the mountain are very limited (it’s almost impossible to get an Uber or Taxi). 
How Do I Get to Summit Eden?
To check in, go to Bower Lodge, 3900 North Wolf Creek Drive, Eden UT 84310

For the scenic route to Eden, consider taking the mountain route up and over highway 167. Here’s a link to that route It will add only a minute or two to your trip, which should take about one hour. However, if you put this into your maps and it says more than 1:10 for the drive, then there may be construction. In that case, simply put 3900 North Wolf Creek Drive, Eden, UT into your map.

How Else Can I Get to the Event?
For professional car service to and from the SLC Airport, here are some options we recommend: 

Express Shuttle: 801-596-1600
Runabouts Shuttle: 801-298-0300
Black Diamond Shuttle: 801-920-1744
Canyon Shuttle: 801-255-1841

Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you will also need to arrange for a shuttle ride back down the mountain at the end of the event.

Again, Ubers and Taxis are almost impossible to get on the mountain.
What's Included in My Registration?
Once you arrive, this is an all-inclusive event. Your registration includes participation in the weekend, meals, snacks, alcohol, musical entertainment, stimulating content, and access to all event activities and adventures. Registration does not include transportation to and from Summit, Eden. 
What's the Refund Policy?
We understand life happens, that’s why we’ve got a refund policy we’re proud of. If for whatever reason you cannot come, and you let us know on or before August 15, 2018, we will refund 60% of your ticket price back to you. Please note, however, that any cancellations made after August 15 cannot be refunded. 
Can You Accommodate Dietary Restrictions?
We will have dining options to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free for each meal. We can prepare arrangements for Kosher meals as well, if noted at least one week ahead of time. 
What's the Deal With Lodging?
We will provide your lodging information when you arrive at check-in at the Bower Lodge on Friday. All accommodations are 3-5 bedroom condos and you’ll share common spaces with others from the group.
What Should I Pack?
What to Bring
We will be on a tall mountain at altitude (9000 feet). Current weather forecasts suggest 70-80 ºF during the day and 45-65 ºF in the evenings, but plan for some extremes as well! We will be outside during the heat of the day and outside again under the stars at night. LAYERS are important! 

Dress is casual the entire weekend. 

 - Friday night dinner and activities are outside, including some walking (not vigorous): Casual, comfortable, with layers to add as the sun goes down and the moon rises. 

 - Saturday hike and other physical activities outside all day and into the evening: Active-wear, with plenty of layers to add and remove. Optional mountain bike ride. 

 - Sunday relaxing outside, with some light walking: Comfortable, casual layers to shed as the sun gains strength.  

With that is mind, here is a suggested packing list.

 - For evenings, super casual, comfy clothes such as jeans, sweater, leggings

 - Also for evenings - warmer layers such as down sweater/vest, light jacket/hoodie, hat, socks, closed-toe shoes, even light gloves

 - For Saturday - active-wear summer clothes (shorts, tanks/t-shirts, capri yoga pants or similar workout clothes) and then clothes for the evening (such as jeans, sweater, leggings - bring in a bag or backpack to avoid going down the mountain)

 - For Sunday - casual summer clothes, but a bit less active (shorts, t-shirt, comfy dress, leggings/tunic)

 - Middle layers for morning/dusk (sweater, turtleneck, jeans, sweats)

 - Sturdy shoes suitable for walking on gravel, climbing hills and rocks, uneven surfaces 

 - Whatever you like to sleep in, whether that’s footie pajamas or your birthday suit

 - Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

 - Duffle bag or backpack

 - Re-usable water bottle (on the mountain we avoid the use / disposal of plastic trash)

 - Toiletries

 - Prescribed medications, contacts, glasses 

Will My Work Pay for This?
The event is designed for overall personal wellness and also teaches key leadership skills on leading from strengths, developing personal and professional resiliency and time maximization. Follow this link for a  short justification you could use to request funding. 
Can I Bring a Guest?
Yes, although your guest will need to apply and register for the event to share lodging and to participate in any meals, content and activities. If you are sharing a master suite with your guest, we can provide discount on the registration price for your guest’s registration.
Still Have Questions?
If you have any more questions or need anything else, please feel free to reach out to or 262.903.9270
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